An uncontested divorce in Florida means that both parties – spouses – agree to the divorce, support amounts and duration, child custody, child visitation, and the division of assets and debt. The couple has decided that divorce is the correct path for them, and has agreed to the terms, so a decision by a judge is not necessary or required to solve arguments about the specifics of the divorce. An uncontested divorce is typically a less difficult process, and it has three benefits for all parties.

Those include:

1 – There is a drop in legal costs with an Uncontested Divorce

The final cost of an uncontested divorce the divorce is less expensive than when a divorce is contested and a judge must make decisions about the details of support, child custody, and visitation, and the splitting of debt and assets.  The amount of time for divorce attorneys on both sides to prepare a contested divorce, argue and spend time in court, means a higher legal bill for the parties.  Even if you both agree to the terms, you should both have legal representation.

2 – Peaceful Separations

The marriage may be over, but that does not mean that the two parties must remain enemies. For many families going through the divorce process, there is not a clean break. Both parents, in Florida, are expected to continue to care for children, which means that while they are divorced they remain parents. A divorce that is honest, thoughtfully detailed, and fair to both parties and any children involved, means that the two parties can remain cordial even though their marriage is ending. That position allows people to stay focused on raising children and providing for children in the best ways possible. A quality divorce attorney can be the key to helping you solve any issues within the divorce proposal.

3 – The Divorce is Faster Than Those That Are Contested

Generally, when the divorce is uncontested, the process can be done relatively quickly so long as both parties are motivated to resolve it quickly. For contested divorces, there is a much longer period as you wait for court dates, etc. A contested divorce can take over six months to a year to finalize and in some divorces over a year to finalize. When all parties agree to the terms of the divorce, the process is much faster.

4 – The Divorce Process is Easier

Divorce may not be an easy process, but when all parties agree to the terms of the divorce, there is less stress and more time to heal and move forward with life in general. It does not mean that you remain best friends, but without all the fighting, there is less chance of increasing the hurt and anger that can be part of the contested divorce process.

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